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Niall Dirty #imagine

Niall Dirty #Imagine

 Your at an Irish pub sipping a pint of beer after running away from home. Its raining outside and you’ve got nowhere else to go. Someone comes and sits down next to you. Your eyes are fixed on a small tv behind the bar and a football match is on.

“Who you rooting for?” You hear an Irish accent. Turning your head around you lay your eyes on Niall Horan. 

“uhhh, i dont know. um aren’t you Niall Horan from um One Direction” Your younger sister called herself a “Diretioner” and Niall was her favorite, There were posters of him all over her room.

“Haha yes I am, so whats a beautiful girl like you doing at place like this at this late in the night?’

“Well, I ran away from home and have nowhere to go.”  You tell him the truth.

"You can crash with me for the night" He winks. You don’t know why but this turns you on. 

"You serious?" You ask surprised. 

"yeah sure common, lets go" you get up and follow him to his car.

"so whats your name?" Niall asks you once you’re in the car. 

"(Y/N)" you say with smile.

"(Y/N), Thats a beautiful name" you like the way he says your name.

A few minutes later you reach his apartment. Niall locks the door once you guys are inside. The apartment was amazing, you enter the lounge and set your bags on one of the sofas.

You have no idea why he’s letting you stay with him, you had barley talked to him. As you begin to look around you feel a pair of hands around your waist. 

Niall begins grinding against you. You’re shocked but don’t object. He’s turning you on and you begin to get wet. 

You can feel his hard bulge against your thigh, this causes you let out a soft moan. You turn around to face him and begin kissing him. He kisses you back and soon his lips make their way to your neck. He starts sucking and biting your soft spot which cause your hormones to go in overdrive. 

Your hands move down to his thighs and you begin rubbing his manhood. “Ahhh” He moans into your neck.
You begin to undo his belt and he begins to take your shirt off. A minute later you both are completely naked. You look at his dick and gasp, never in your life have you seen such a huge cock. 
"Well? it isn’t gonna suck it self is it?" Niall says.
Bending down you take Niall’s cock in your hands and begin rubbing up and down the shaft.
"Stop teasing me and suck it, slut" you do as he says and put his long dick in your mouth. You take half of it in, but its too long. Niall grabs you by your hair and shoves all of it in you mouth which causes you to gag and he moans.
"Now its your turn." He takes his dick out of your mouth and carries you into his bedroom. He lays you down on his bed and opens your legs which give him a clear view of your throbbing pussy. 
"Put it in me already" You squeal.
"Not so fast" Niall says as he begins rubbing your clit with his thumb. Then he enters two of his fingers in you and begins moving them in and out of you. "Ahhhh Niall"
"you Like that? You dirty little whore?" he asks.
"What? I cant hear you!"  He shouts at you
"YES! I LOVE IT!" You shout in return. 
"Then beg for it" He says as he takes his fingers out of your vagina.
"W-what?" You dont want him to stop. 
"I said beg for it!" He commands.

"Can I please have your long hard cock in me?" You beg.
"You sure can." Without any warning Niall enters his whole length into you. He begins thrusting in and out of you. "AHHHH YOU’RE SO TIGHT (Y/N), YOU LITTLE SLUT" he moans. 
"I’m about to cum" You moan it hurts but soon turns into pleasure. 
"SAY MY NAME" Niall commands.
You keep quiet and try not to moan.
"I SAID SAY MY FUCKING NAME" Niall shouts and begins to thrust faster.
"NNNNIIIIAAAALLL" You scream out "FUCK!" and with this you cum all over his dick. Two seconds later Niall shoots his cum into you. 
Both of you lie down on the bed next to each other and eventually fall asleep.